Look Who's Engaged ~ Woodland, CA

9/03/2015 09:37:00 PM

The summer is all about the blazing hot sun, droughts, camping trips, mosquito swarms, getting tan, getting burned, wishing the winter were here, the county fair, and getting engaged! Congratulations to Casey and Chelsea! While talking to the lovely couple about their engagement session, we had difficulty deciding which theme to use. It was a hot debate between Casey's choice of the mosquito swarms and sunburns theme, and Chelsea's choice of photographs in a dusty field with the rapper Ice Cube in front of a, "stop the transportation of water", sign. The debate came to a boiling point when Casey tried to explain to Chelsea that Ice Cube had nothing to do with actual ice cubes or water. After the couple took a break to blow off steam, we all reconvened and gave Chelsea and Casey the suggestion that this years Yolo County Fair would made the perfect backdrop for their engagement portraits; they both agreed, although we thought they would as we at Kelly Lynn Jordan Photography know these two FAIR-ly well! We are very blessed to be apart of Casey and Chelsea's lives and are looking forward to their special day.

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