Welcome to the World Lakelyn! ~ Sacramento, CA

7/18/2015 03:33:00 PM

Lifestyles of the Cute and Famous! Welcome to Sacramento, CA where you'll find a little girl who is the apple of mommy and daddy's eyes, the beautiful Lady Lakelyn. We were afforded the interview of a lifetime and were invited into Lakelyn's home. Upon arrival, a photo shoot took place where she glamorously posed in several of her favorite color schemes that adorn the inside of her 8 x 10 mansion chamber. Lakelyn, known as the "Firecracker" by many of her adoring family fans, shared with us some of her deepest feelings, including her disdain for "sleepy time", and her great loving affinity for her servants, mummy and daddy, and their luxuriously comfortable arms. This fashion diva's home comes equipped with high-tech sound equipment which surrounded us in the soothing music of famous nursery rhymes, which Lakelyn explained calm her, in times of unfortunate wet diapers and, in the evening hours when bedtime approaches. Lakelyn then impressively imitated a scene from her most recent film, The Littlest Narcoleptic. Below we show pictures documenting the glorious visit. Thank you Lakelyn!

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