6/25/2020 01:47:00 PM

We have been given permission by Yolo County to re-open and can provide our services as usual, but with a twist.

The twist is we now have safety protocols in place due to the COVID19 pandemic. We have done some limited sessions and honed our protocols to ensure they are firmly in place and working great.

Some changes you may see:
  • Everyone in the studio is required to wear a face covering unless they are actively having their photo taken.

  • The door will be locked so you need to knock for admission. We will have the studio staffed from noon to 5, Tuesday through Saturday.

  • You may see us wearing smocks, masks and face shields for everyone’s protection. There is also a plexiglass panel on the front desk.

  • Consultations and reveals are being done via Zoom to minimize contact.

  • The photographer will be directing you how to move your hair, fix your clothes, or tilt your head a little to the right because physical contact is not allowed and we won’t be able to do that for you. (So far, this has been the hardest thing for the photog to remember!)

The biggest change is that makeup artists have not been provided permission to open yet, so we are working on the best possible way to provide a complementary online consultation for makeup and hair instead of the in person version we currently provide.

There are disinfecting wipes, sanitizing spray, and hand sanitizer all over the studio so everyone and everything can remain virus free. And we have further cleaning and scheduling protocols in place that are county approved, but we won’t bore you with them here. We are also working to install a moveable see-through panel for the photographer to stand behind to create a further barrier.

We will review these new procedures with you during your consultation and will send a reminder email before your appointment. This stuff is all pretty new still, but we promise to have fun with it during your session.

If you have questions, or want more of the details, please give us a call, or email. We look forward to working with you with our new safety protocols.

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