What to Expect From Your Session at KLJ Studios

3/02/2020 06:06:00 PM

We have spent the last 2 ½ years honing our process and customer service at KLJ Studios. (Basically this means that every time we make a mistake we fix it.) So what can you expect from our finely tuned machine?

First, after you contact us by phone, email, or just simply stopping by, we will set you up with a complementary (that means free) consultation. At the consultation, you will let us know important things about you and your family. This information helps us determine the best colored backdrop so the photos you display on your wall will fit into your décor. We review clothing choices so all members of your party complement each other. We will review our policies and your personal style. Everything is geared so that your images reflect you and who you are. We will also tell you that we do not charge a sitting fee (yay!) We would rather have you spend your money on a product or products to take home and use in your home.

Kelly (owner and lead photographer) believes that a child’s self-esteem increases if they know parents have images of them hung on the walls or prominently displayed around the house. She thinks it is important to also have photos so children have historical references of relatives who have passed.

Your second step will be the actual session itself. Makeup and hair is provided for one member of the party (others can also have makeup and hair as an add-on that they can purchase). This is usually mom, and she gets the chance to relax in the chair and be pampered. (We can also offer you wine if you really, really want to relax.) Sessions can take place indoors or outdoors, and several changes of clothing are encouraged. We want to make sure this is a fun time for everyone!

The last step is your big reveal! You will arrive at the studio, walk in the door and see you and your family on the big reveal wall. (There is also a small surprise for you, but I can’t tell you what it is because it is a surprise.) You can take time to choose your package and this is the only time money will exchange hands. We want you to be able to see the images and pick your package before making any kind of payment.

Some of your photos can be matted and provided to you before you leave, some photos and other products may take up to 2 weeks to receive. We will let you know when they are there and you can come pick them up, take them home and enjoy! If you need assistance on how and where to hang your photos let Kelly know and she can help you. She can also help design cards of all kinds, if you need that service, no problem.

Our goal is provide you with a fun experience and heirloom quality products that can be enjoyed even by the next generation.

If you would like a tour, stop on by at 424 1st Street in downtown Woodland, CA or swing by during special events like the First Friday Art Walk. Any questions? Just give us a call at 530-723-5332 or email at [email protected].

See you soon!

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