What are the wedding trends for 2020? Inquiring minds want to know! This week's Wedding Wednesday

3/04/2020 01:30:00 PM

Did you know most couples become engaged between the Christmas holidays and Valentine's Day? That means it's likely many of them will be planning their weddings for this year. What are some of the latest trends to think about when planning this important event in your life?

1. One big trend that most sites agree on is that couples are becoming more "green" and sustainable. Recycling the wedding dress and tuxedos, reducing waste, sourcing locally grown food to serve, may not seem "sexy" but there is a feel good vibe knowing you are helping the planet. Ask what prospective vendors do to reduce their carbon footprint. Many floral designers (cutting down on the use of floral foam, recycling flowers, and composting whenever possible) are already putting earth-saving ideas in place. Other vendors are doing so as well.

2.  Bold uses of color are a nice trend. Couples are expressing themselves more through color than ever before and leaving the pastels behind. Purple lovers check out cassis, or maybe a nice millennial pink?  Rich yellows and oranges. The sky's the limit! And mixing prints and patterns when possible. And statement hues that reflect you, but may not be a color typically seen at weddings. And while we are on the subject.....

3. 2020 weddings will see more and different tones being mixed and highlighted, but another big trend is to go all out for your color.  If you love your color, lean in and USE it! Put it in unusual places, like the glassware, chairs, and napkins. Tone on tone, layered and in full force, rather than simply plopping it here and there.

4. And just to confuse the issue, you might also see all white weddings! The entire bridal party in white, all white florals, white table settings, even the guests dressed in white. So if color isn't your thing, completely eliminate the confusion and go all white.

5. Veils, take them or leave them?  Priyanka Chopra and Megan Markle set the trend for long, beautiful veils. So if appropriate (meaning space is available behind you) feel free to take it to the limit. Or simply go veil-less and wear a floral headpiece or go with one of the gorgeous new barrettes or combs.

Of course, the best wedding is one that speaks to both of you and reflects who you are. Your wedding day should be fun, hopefully the biggest trend is to let go and enjoy!

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