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(Hey, guys! Because we have returned to photographing weddings, we are bringing back the popular Wedding Wednesday Tips from 2012. WW Tips were written back then by my sis-in-law, Lucy, when she was engaged and actually going through the process of planning a wedding. Looking through the posts now, I found out many of them are still on trend and great advice. I think it will be fun to include some old posts as I find them. I think you will agree!)

Lucy and her family seven years later!

Hello everyone! My name is Lucy and I am Kelly's soon to be sister in law. Since her brother and I just got engaged she thought it would be a good idea for me to write a blog on the wedding planning process with ideas, money saving tips, and links to the best vendors for all you fellow brides to be. Every week I will write about a new topic, starting with the engagement, to setting the date, announcing to friends and family, the dress, cake, and flowers up to the big day! 

 I will try to be as helpful and informative as possible for everyone whether you are planning an intimate affair, a big extravaganza or a destination wedding (like I am!) So here we go!!


So your boyfriend popped the question! Congrats! After the excitement begins to set in you realize, what now?! Don't worry, I will take you through the first steps.


How do you want to announce your big news? There are many options. First and foremost let your parents, family, and close friends know, before everyone else. A good idea for everyone else is to send out engagement announcements. I think this is the best option  because it give you a keepsake. You can first set up a photo shoot with Kelly, she takes such beautiful pictures of couples, I feel like she is really able to capture the love and excitement, and also she can work out something that can fit your budget. Kelly can also help you design your engagement announcements and Save The Date cards. You can also combine the announcements with the Save The Dates. So if you already have your date set you can check off two tasks off your list!

If you want to throw an engagement party maybe your mom or best friend (or soon to be sister in law, wink wink) may want to do it for you. The party is for you to have fun with your friends and family and you can show off the ring!! Have as much fun as possible since the craziness of planning is about to start.

Ideally, the wedding is a year or more away so try not to stress or get overwhelmed by the planning process, take it easy and enjoy your engagement, and next week I will give you a list of tasks for planning and what the time frame for each task is.

Happy Planning!

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