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2/08/2020 09:00:00 AM

On February 6th, 2019, KLJ Studios Photography was honored to photographed Maria, Edwardo and their newest little addition, Andrea, for newborn portraits. The session took place at KLJ Studios at 424 1st Street in downtown Woodland. The Lead Photographer for the Session was KLJ Studios' Lead Photographer Kelly Lynn Jordan and the second shooters were Beckie and Aimee.

Little Andrea was a pleasure to photograph. We were able to breeze from pose to pose with only minor time outs for eating and snuggling. She loves to be swaddled and did not take kindly to any pose involving being uncovered. She is gorgeous and looked beautiful in most of the colors we used.

Mom looks fantastic for having just had a baby. And she is so calm and serene, though she did enjoy the pampering she received during her hair and makeup time. Dad is a sweetheart and already protective of his little girl, so future boyfriends best watch out!

Thank you both for trusting me with your special little gift. She was just perfect though she does have a crazy, iron grip. Welcome to the KLJ Studios family and we can't wait to photograph more memories for you.

Thank you ~ Kelly

KLJ Studios of Northern California (KLJ Photography Studio and KLJ Beauty Studio) is located in Yolo County at 424 1st Street in Historic Downtown Woodland, California. To inquire about KLJ Studios Photography and KLJ Studios Beauty Services in Northern California please call our Northern California Studio at 530.723.5332, or send an email to [email protected]; please include your name, the best method for reaching you, where you are located, and a message detailing your needs.

Photos by:
KLJ Studios Lead Photographer: Kelly Lynn Jordan
KLJ Studios Second Shooter: Beckie and Aimee
Makeup Artist: KLJ Beauty by Destinee Law

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