Preparing for Your Business Head Shot—5 Helpful Tips ~ Woodland, California Portrait Photographer

1/10/2019 09:59:00 PM

2019 is the year to build your brand! One crucial step is getting your business head shot in place. This deceptively simple task is an important one, because that head shot will be plastered all over the internet, business cards, the backs of books if you’re an author, and anywhere else that supports your brand and your business.

1. Get a professional photo

While holding a camera on a selfie stick in your back yard may sound like a budget-savvy solution, these images rarely look good, and they almost never look professional. Do yourself and your business a service by hiring a professional photographer. It’s well worth the cost.

2. Dress in solids with textures

Photographer Kelly Jordan recommends solid colors. Tones in blues, greens, and purples are often the most flattering. Avoid beige or pastel-colored clothing, which can blend in with skin tones. Are you in love with that pale pink shirt? Go for it, but break it up with a darker blazer or accessories. Find clothing with texture, like lacework or other textured designs, which can add interest and depth to your attire.

3. Don’t get your hair cut right before your shoot

If you want a new haircut or style in anticipation of your photo session, give yourself some time to “learn” the new style. Generally, three weeks is a safe window. You want to give your hair some room to look natural when it comes time for your shoot.

4. Try both natural light and studio light

Photographer Kelly Jordan recommends working with your photographer on doing a shoot both in the studio and outdoors so that you have more options to work with. Natural light gives a real “film” look, while studio light tends to be more polished. Trying both will give you the opportunity to see which suits you and your brand better.

5. Have fun!

If you’re relaxed and enjoying yourself, those emotions will come through in your eyes and expression—you want to look alive and friendly, so feel that way. Find a photographer who helps you feel at ease during the shoot and talk to them, engage with them, and allow that enjoyment to shine through. Your final shots will be all the better for it!

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