What to Take to the Hospital ~ Woodland, California Newborn Portrait Photographer

10/29/2018 11:25:00 AM

Welcome to your first foray and schlepping things all over the place—once Baby is born, that’s your new reality…for years! For your inaugural trip with Baby, you don’t only have Baby’s needs to consider, but Mom’s.
For Mom
Mom’s comfort is the number one priority here.
• maternity clothes to change into (yes, it might come as a surprise, but tummies don’t bounce back immediately—Mom will still look “pregnant” for a few days or even weeks). If Mom has a C-section, it’s even more important that the clothes she brings are loose-fitting • music or hypnosis tracks and whatever speakers and chargers are necessary • Pilates ball, which can be soothing to sit on during labor • special aromas or oils • something to read (books, magazines, e-reader) • something to watch (DVDs or a device with video streaming and its charger) • ID and insurance information • birth plan on paper (including if/when to ask if she wants pain medication) • brush and/or comb • toothbrush and toothpaste
For Baby
Baby will need lots of gear, and this is only the beginning! • rear-facing car seat (with the base already installed in your car) • weather-appropriate clothes • hat • socks • blanket • newborn-sized diapers
For Photos

This part is so important, but many people forget in the rush and excitement of Baby’s arrival. • camera (or phone) with extra memory • camera charger (or phone charger) • any make-up Mom might want • list of shots you want taken (i.e. Baby with Mom, Baby with the other parent, Baby with siblings, grandparents, and other family and friends while at the hospital) As the rite of passage trip to the hospital winds down, consider a mother support group for after Baby comes home. In Woodland, California, there’s a group called the Woodland Baby and Me Group. It meets at [WHERE] on [DAY OF WEEK], from [TIME TO TIME]. Whether this baby is your first or your fifth or somewhere in between, moms can always use the support and encouragement of each other. If you live outside of Woodland, ask around and check with your pediatrician or a baby store to find out what’s offered in your area.

Welcome to the world, Baby!

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