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10/29/2018 10:19:00 AM

On the afternoon of Friday October 12th, 2018, KLJ Studios Photography captured Family Holiday Portraits as well as the family's 6-Month Milestone Portraits for their Little Footprints Package. The mother, Liz, is a pilot, while Corbin, the father, works in the medical field, and their little boy's name is Charlie. The Family Holiday Portraits and Little Footprints Milestone Portraits were taken in studio at KLJ Studios on 1st Street in Historic Downtown Woodland, California. This family is part of our Little Footprints Portrait Plan, which captures the family and little one's first year through 3 different sessions. The family was referred to us through her sister and another client. The Lead Photographer for the Session was KLJ Studios Lead Photographer Kelly Lynn Jordan. The Second-Shooter was Aimee Wallace.

Here are some things that happened during the session: Charlie really loved being photographed with his favorite solid food, sweet potatoes. This little guy had a little bit of a rough start, but now you wouldn't be able to tell because he is crawling and standing and wanting to jump everywhere. But I discovered that Charlie absolutely loves when I pretend to sneeze so I made sure I wore my hair down, allowing my hair to flip everywhere and making him giggle even more.

Here are some things we learned about our family: Charlie absolutely loves food, from puffs to sweet potatoes. Charlie is super strong, super alert, and always on the go (a huge change from the little guy in the NICU). Also, Charlie hates to wear clothes; we took his clothes off so he could eat sweet potatoes and not make a mess, but then he didn't want to put his clothing back on.

Thank you so much for being a part of our Little Footprints Portrait Plan.

KLJ Studios - Family Holiday Portrait Session - Milestone Portraits - Little Footprints - In-Studio Session

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Photos by:
KLJ Studios Lead Photographer: Kelly Lynn Jordan
KLJ Studios Second Shooter: Aimee Wallace

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