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10/29/2018 10:19:00 AM

On the afternoon of October 12th, 2018 at 4:00PM, KLJ Studios Photography captured both a Family Portrait Holiday, and Little Footprints, Session. This family of three consists of Mary, Dan, and their little one, Grace. These Family Portraits and Little Footprints Sessions were taken In-Studio as well as at locations just outside of KLJ Studios on Fabulous First Street in Historic Downtown Woodland California. The Family wanted to take Family Portraits for the holiday season and this was also their final season for Little Footprints. We met Grace when she came in as a model for KLJ Studios. The Lead Photographer for the Session was KLJ Studios Owner and Lead Photographer Kelly Lynn Jordan. The Second-Shooter was KLJ Studios Second Shooter and Co-Owner Patrick Jordan. Makeup Artistry was provided by Veronica Marshall.

Here are some things that happened during the session: Grace loved having music playing during her session. She even waited for the perfect timing to start shaking her hips for the opening credits song for Moana the Movie. This little fashionista looked fab in the sweater mommy had for her. She didn't seem to like it very much as she kept pulling on the collar and pretending it was getting fuzzy in her mouth. This chatty little lady loves taking control of the studio. She told everyone about products and when and where music should be played to create good vibes for posing.

Here are some things we learned about our family: Dan is one of the easiest dads to pose. I've been seeing more and more Dads involved in sessions, which was not a trend before. Historic Downtown Woodland is the perfect place for family portraits with different walls creating amazing natural backgrounds. With Grace, Moana Music must be played while photographing, as taking it away will cause tears to flow from the eyes. This little girl loves her music.

Thank you guys for being a part of our Little Footprints Portrait Plan, and we look forward to Family Portraits next year.

KLJ Studios - Family Holiday Portrait Session - Milestone Portraits - Little Footprints - In-Studio Session

KLJ Studios of Northern California (KLJ Photography Studio and KLJ Beauty Studio) is located in Yolo County at 424 1st Street in Historic Downtown Woodland, California. To inquire about KLJ Studios Photography and KLJ Studios Beauty Services in Northern California please call our Northern California Studio at 530.723.5332, or send an email to [email protected]; please include your name, the best method for reaching you, where you are located, and a message detailing your needs.

Photos by:
KLJ Studios Lead Photographer: Kelly Lynn Jordan
KLJ Studios Second Shooter: Patrick Jordan

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