5 Things to Do with Your Baby’s Photographs

10/05/2018 10:39:00 AM

Now that you’ve completed your newborn’s photo shoot and you’ve ordered your prints, what do you do with them?

1. The first, and most obvious, is hang the prints on your wall.

Pick a place where you’ll see them every day, and perhaps start a “gallery wall” in your living room or a hallway with plenty of room to expand as your family matures. [can link to this post: https://www.homedit.com/where-to-place-the-family-portraits/ ] At a later date, we’ll have a post discussing how to decorate with family photos, but for now, start getting those photos up where your family and guests can admire them.

2. Send out birth announcements.

KLJ Studios offers design services for birth announcements, using those professional images of your newborn and highlighting them in the best way possible. Let the studio do the heavy lifting of design and arrangement so that the new parents can spend more time getting to know their newborn!

3. Give prints as gifts.

There’s nothing grandparents like more than seeing (and sharing) photos of their new grandbabies. Frame photos of your baby so grandparents can proudly place them in their homes. Giving prints as gifts doesn’t have to stop at grandparents, however; other family members might enjoy putting professional photographs of your baby in their homes, as well. With so many families living far apart these days, photographs are a way to bring everyone closer.

4. Include Baby in your holiday cards.

If Baby was born earlier in the year, you can schedule a second shoot closer to the holidays for a more updated picture—and consider designing a card with the newborn photo next to a more recent photo to show just how much Baby has grown! You could even share a series of photos demonstrating Baby’s different stages over that first year.

5. Create a baby book.

It might seem like just another chore for Mom to do, but a baby book is a lasting expression of your child’s first years. This doesn’t have to be a mom-only project, either—other caregivers and even the baby’s siblings can be involved in arranging prints inside the book. Young children—and even teenagers—will be delighted for years to come by flipping through the pages of their baby book, especially if those pages include photos.

Don’t Miss the Milestones

KLJ Studios offers a “Little Footprints” portrait plan for your baby’s first year, working with your infant through the major milestones and stages of babyhood.  You can choose from three “ages & stages”—the 5-6 months when Baby is sitting up and exploring, 9-12 months, when baby is standing and maybe even cruising, and the one-year milestone, which includes a complimentary cake for the iconic “smash cake” shot. Be sure to take advantage of plans like this to ensure you don’t miss these special moments!

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