Your KLJ Studios Newborn’s Photo Session — What You Need to Know

9/22/2018 04:18:00 PM

Welcome, Baby, and many congratulations to the family! You’ve (wisely) scheduled some photo time for your newborn so you’ll have beautiful images to cherish forever.

When You Arrive

The studio should have a comfortable place for Mom to nurse the baby. This way, Baby’s well-fed and sleepy during the shoot. KLJ Studios has a sitting area with both a couch and some chairs so Mom can pick whichever arrangement works best for her and Baby. There are also extra rooms at the back in case Mom wants a little more privacy.

Pampering Mama

Once Baby is fed, it’s time for the fun to begin! Photographer Kelly Jordan firmly believes that moms should be in some of the pictures, too, which is why she insists on complimentary hair and make-up for Mom. New mothers can expect to be pampered while Kelly burps the just-fed baby and walks around with him or her, letting the baby get accustomed to her voice.

Photo Time!

Now it’s time to put on your best smiles and watch the magic happen. Kelly Jordan will photograph 20 to 30 images. All of the poses are different, she says, as she’s “a firm believer in visual variety.” The images with family members depend on the number of individuals in the family. You can expect photographs and poses that reflect the unique personality of your family as a unit, and the individual members as well.

Scheduling the Big Reveal

KLJ Studios wants to make each photograph perfect—adjusting the lighting, finding the best shots, so they’ll spend some time editing the images. Once they’re ready, you and your family can come into the studio, make yourselves comfortable, and view your prints displayed on the wall. Enjoy your time together while finding your favorites, then choose the compositions that best represent your family and the adorable little one who’s come into your lives.

Memories to Last Forever

Everyone says your child’s first year goes by unbelievably fast. Thanks to your newborn’s photo session, you’ll have beautiful prints to hang on your wall to enjoy forever! You’ll be able to look back and remember how tiny your baby was when he or she was first born.
To learn how you can prep ahead of time for Baby’s photo session, check out these 5 Easy Steps for getting ready!

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