Self-Esteem and Portraits—Why You Should Start Putting Baby Pics on the Wall, NOW

9/15/2018 12:29:00 PM

Many studies have been done in psychology pointing to the benefits of “phototherapy” for children’s best sense of well-being. Dr. David Krauss, a clinical psychologist and author of Phototherapy in Mental Health, advocated the use of strategically placed photographs in the home to improve children’s self-esteem. Kelly Jordan, a professional portrait photographer, strongly agrees with these ideas and believes all families benefit from keeping family portraits on the wall. “Children need to be able to look around their home and see their own faces. It shows them that they are loved!”

Kids Need to See Themselves

It’s important that children see themselves from a point of view outside of themselves. It helps them process who and where they are in the world and how they belong. Showing them images of themselves doing activities they care about can provide them with a sense of happiness and provide them with a personal narrative of how they operate successfully in the world.

Kids Need to See Their Families

Just as important as seeing themselves on their own, kids ought to see themselves in pictures with their families and loved ones. This helps children see how loved they are and how they belong with the family. Imagine looking around the house and finding photos of you surrounded by your family—it would make you feel warm and loved!

Printed Photos are Better than Digital

Just about everyone will agree that a hard copy is better than a digital file. Hard copies engage more of the senses—a kid can touch the frame, the glass, or the print itself—and get a sensory reaction in their body. It’s more than just visual, it’s tactile. Prints feel more permanent, and they can be accessed more easily. This is one reason that portrait photographer Kelly Jordan sells prints in her studio. “Take a print home with you, put it on your wall, show your kids they are loved!”

Create These Habits Now

The best time to start is now. Whether you’ve just had your first baby, or your “baby” is already a teenager, show them they are loved by hanging their portraits around your home! This “phototherapy” will boost their self-esteem and serve as constant reminders that, whoever they are and whatever they do, they are loved.

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