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9/07/2018 05:18:00 PM

On the evening of Thursday, August 23rd, 2018, KLJ Studios Photographers had the pleasure of photographing One-Year Milestone Portraits, and Family Portraits with Angela, Anthony, and Ollie. Angela, Ollie's mom, loves going to the movies. Anthony, Ollie's Dad, is a huge sports fanatic, and his favorite team is the Giants. Ollie, the Birthday Boy, is a very charismatic one-year-old and is quite the connoisseur of "Chuggington Station". Ollie is celebrating is 1st Birthday in style at KLJ Studios by smashing a lovely cake with his bare-hands as he gets his Cake-Smash Portraits taken with a KLJ Studios Photographer In-Studio at KLJ Studios located in Historic Downtown Woodland, California (95695). The beautiful Beehive Cake for Ollie's first birthday was provided by Erin Morris of Zest Fresh Pastry West ( The Lead Photographer for the Session was KLJ Studios Lead Photographer Kelly Lynn Jordan, the KLJ Studios Second Shooter was Aimee Wallace, and the KLJ Studios Beauty Studio Makeup Artist was Veronica Marshall.

During the family's session Ollie had a lovely time not only smashing a tasty cake, but also smudging mommy's makeup all over her. Ollie initially ran away from the gigantic beehive cake but soon discovered it was edible and delicious. The cake was so large that we were all able to have some. When everyone began trying the cake, we learned that Anthony does not like bananas. We thought the cake was delicious, and when we offered a slice to Anthony and suggested he try it, his first response was, "Not if it has bananas." Well the cake did not have bananas, it was a delicious vanilla concoction.

The thing we love about Erin's cakes at Zest West is that she uses locally sourced and natural ingredients in all her deserts, and when she prepares a cake for our one-year-olds she always makes sure to keep the sugar to a very minimal level. We aren't sure how Erin at Zest Fresh Pastry West does it, but every time we try a cake she has made, its always perfectly balanced, the best cake we've ever had, and also absolutely stunningly beautiful.

A few other notes from the session: Kelly Lynn and Angela are both Delta Gamma Sisters! Angela is still very active with Delta Gamma, and Kelly Lynn learned about several upcoming Delta Gamma Events in which she would like to take part. Also, Anthony fell in love with Kelly's new kitten Periwinkle and was interested in booking a photoshoot with the cat, lol.

Photographer Tip for Parents: Having a theme for Cake Smash Portraits makes for a much more dynamic portrait. Great job Angela and Anthony on your brilliant theme choice!

Thank you Angela, Anthony and Ollie. We always love having you in the studio and can't wait for future sessions together!

KLJ Studios of Northern California (KLJ Photography Studio and KLJ Beauty Studio) is located in Yolo County at 424 1st Street in Historic Downtown Woodland, California, and 10 minutes from Davis, California. To inquire about KLJ Studios Photography and KLJ Studios Beauty Services in Northern California please call our Northern California Studios at 530.723.5332, or send an email to [email protected]; please include your name, the best method for reaching you, where you are located, and a message detailing your needs. We will respond promptly to your message, and at our earliest convenience.

Photos by:
KLJ Studios Lead Photographer: Kelly Lynn Jordan
KLJ Studios Second Shooter: Aimee Wallace
KLJ Studios Makeup Artist: Veronica Marshall 

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