5 Easy Steps for Getting Your Newborn Ready for Their Photo Session

9/14/2018 03:06:00 PM

First of all, congrats to the new parents!

You’ve had the baby (no small feat!) and you arranged your newborn’s photo session in advance. Great work! Now, in the haze of adjusting to this joyful new addition to your family, what are some pro tips for preparing for Baby’s first photo session?

1. Form-fitting clothes are best.

To really highlight Baby’s perfect physique, your photographer will want them either naked or wearing form-fitting clothes. Newborns have such unique, delicate bodies, and these first photographs will showcase your baby’s brand-new, out-in-the-world form.

2. Feed Baby when you arrive.

Photographer Kelly Jordan urges new moms to hold off on feeding Baby until they arrive at the studio. “That way, Mom can feed the baby and go straight to getting her hair and make-up done. I can walk around the studio talking with the baby while I burp him or her, and let the baby get to know the sound of my voice.” A recently-fed baby also tends to be sleepier, making them easier to manipulate for those priceless photographs your family will treasure forever.

3. Go easy on the dairy.

Dairy has long been suspected of upsetting infants’ sensitive tummies, so if breastfeeding, Mama should avoid dairy 2-3 days prior to the shoot. Perhaps your baby won’t have any sensitivities at all, but the two days before their photo shoot is perhaps not the best time to experiment.

4. Avoid caffeine.

Like dairy, caffeine can be absorbed into the breastmilk. According to some experts, breastfeeding mamas should keep their caffeine intake below 500 milligrams per day. With a newborn, however, you might not yet know how your baby will react to caffeine. Best to avoid it 24 hours prior to the photo session.

5. Wait to cut!

If you plan on getting junior circumcised, please wait until after his photo shoot. Any minor surgery is going to make Baby sore, and your photos will turn out a lot more peaceful if he’s as comfortable as possible.

Finally, get ready to relax and have fun. Many local studios welcome new parents with open arms and have a lot of experience photographing newborns and their families. Kelly Jordan, for example, likes to get moms into the photos, so she includes make-up and hair-styling for every mom who comes in. Be prepared to get pampered and maybe even enjoy a glass of wine while you wait for your turn in front of the camera! You’ll get to enjoy the process of the photo session, and then, once those prints are ready, you'll have beautiful memories that last a lifetime.

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