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8/07/2018 09:58:00 AM

On Saturday, July 28th, 2018 the KLJ Studios Photography Team had the pleasure of photographing Eric and Katie's wedding in Davis, California. The Wedding took place at the Stonegate Country Club at 919 Lake Boulevard in Davis, California. The wedding started at 12:00PM, the ceremony was at 3:00PM, and the end time was 9:00PM. The lead photographer for the wedding was KLJ Studios Lead Photographer, Kelly Lynn Jordan, and the KLJ Studios Second Shooter for the wedding was Bethany Petrik.

How they Met

Eric plays the violin and Katie plays the cello. Eric and Katie (a Davis, California hometown girl) used to be in a Jazz Quintet together and the quintet used to go to lunch as a group. After a while the group ended, but Katie and Eric continued to go to lunch with each other. Congratulations to Eric, who just finishing his PhD , and along with marrying a great woman, has gotten a great job with Google! These two are off to a great start, and we are certain Eric and Katie will continue to make beautiful music together.

Getting Ready

The bridal party got creative and all made their own bouquets which were simply full of charm and stunning. The bride and groom created and made their own signature beverages for their reception. Katie had decided upon doing her own hair and makeup because Eric loves when Katie looks natural…butterflies!

First Look

It was over 100 degrees outside. Katie began to cry when she starting walking to the dock where Eric was waiting to take the 1st look photos with Katie. Once they reached each other, it was over, and we could not pull them apart. We probably would have just let them be, but we decided it was important enough to get some group bridal shots done from the shot list, so we called the fire department, and they brought the love-jaws of life to the scene, just kidding!


We loved that Katie and Eric chose to do a rope unity. This is where the couple wraps a rope around their hands which symbolizes the coming together and unity of the married couple. Its very sweet to witness, and makes for a great image. After the vows were spoken, once again, when the couple came together for kissing, they were unable to be separated. The officiant jokingly made the comment, "I said one kiss." The couple did get some alone time after the ceremony when they helped each other onto a cute little paddle boat, and made their way onto a small island. It was a timely little getaway during a busy day for the couple, before being thrown into the rush of the reception, family and friends.


After group portraits, where we were impressed with Grandma's dedication to her family, the reception was underway. Katie is part Hawaiian, and she surprised us all with her very own hula dance! And then the rest of the family surprised both Katie and Eric with their very own hula dances! One of the most memorable speeches we have probably ever heard came from Mari, which left everyone in stitches. This was a very memorable part of the day for us at KLJ Studios.

What we Learned

  1. Never leave your shoes unattended (Bethany!)
  2. How to make the perfect bouquet.
  3. How to photograph a couple in a canoe with perfect lighting, thank you bridal party!

KLJ Studios Wedding Photography - Stonegate Country Club - Davis, California

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Wedding Photos by:
KLJ Studios Lead Photographer: Kelly Lynn Jordan
KLJ Studios Second Shooter: Bethany Petrik

Stonegate Country Club (
919 Lake Boulevard
Davis, California 95616


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