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7/18/2018 01:00:00 PM

Remember our Mother' Day winner, Becky? She used her coupon for a free photo and came in with her crew- Dakota, Amber, and Nathan.

 Dakota is the oldest and just graduated from high school and wrote the winning nomination that had everyone in town voting for Becky. Amber is the youngest of the three and helped everyone pose, while only son, Nathan, enjoyed his time in the studio because we let him pose with our giant stuffed studio bear. Otherwise, he was not a fan of photo taking and all of that silly stuff.

These are really good kids and we realize how Becky won! She is obviously a great mom and handles these guys pretty well, even while dealing with the trials and tribulations life keeps throwing at her.

Congratulations, Becky! And best of luck to Dakota in the future. You are a loving and awesome family.

Hair and Makeup by Veronica Marshall

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