Senior Portraits ~ Woodland, California Senior Portrait Photographer

6/27/2018 05:02:00 PM

KLJ Studios had the opportunity this weekend to photograph Graduation Portraits for a beautiful lady named Lydia. She wanted to make sure she get some high-quality images to send to her family, and after graduating from UC Davis with a Masters in Art History, who could blame her.
This is a huge accomplishment and we are honored to have taken her portraits.

We really bonded and got to learn a bit about Lydia and her future plans when moving from the studio set of her session to location set. Lydia's plan has been to become a museum curator, and we personally believe this would be a perfect fit. Lydia was very punctual and well-organized, and it was a pleasure to work with her.

Also, knowing what we now know about Lydia, we might also suggest a career in fashion. Lydia has an amazing sense of style and we were very impressed with how well her ensemble flowed from the coordinated earrings to the beautiful matching outfits. This is the type of client we enjoy working with.

Good luck Lydia on all your future endeavors! We will be expecting a call for headshots when you begin your curator position at the museum.

Hair and Makeup by Erin Denny

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