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6/14/2018 06:05:00 PM

Mom Ona and boyfriend Jason opted to have one of our lifestyle sessions. A lifestyle session can be done either in your home or on location, but it allows you to go about your life while our photographer captures those normal, yet memorable, moments. 

Alana is a lovely young lady who loves to read. She is leaving soon for summer camp where she stays at a working farm and gets to ride horses bareback and do equestrian vaulting.

Jason's obsession is BBQ-ing though he and Ona enjoy sampling wines to discover their favorite. Ona loved being pampered during her hair and makeup session and not having to worry about taking care of this herself.

As you can see, this threesome have a bunch of fun together and show much love and mutual respect.

We hope you guys have a fantastic summer. Stay cool and keep on doing what you love.
Hair and make up by Veronica Gersalia's Beauty Artistry
Lead lifestyle photographer: Bethany Petrik

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