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6/04/2018 11:30:00 AM

Life has been hectic for Laura and Jeffery. They had to reschedule their last photo shoot because Jeffery, Jr. broke his elbow.  (Ouch!) Life has since slowed down and they had some time to drop by and show us what a good looking bunch they are.

Isabella and Jeffery, Jr. have natural smiles that light up the room and are just overall sweet kids. I found out, though, that the reason Jeffery, Jr. was so well behaved was because he knew that the better he posed, the sooner he would be out of the studio and be able to go about his day!

Surprisingly, Dad was a great model. Usually, the dads are there reluctantly and have trouble enjoying the process.  I appreciate how easy this family made it to obtain great images. Overall, I had so much fun with this group, I was sorry to see them go.

I hope the four of you have a great summer! Relax and enjoy.

Makeup and hair by Veronica Gersalia Beauty Artistry

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