First Birthday Portraits ~ Woodland, California First Birthday Portraits

4/19/2018 11:48:00 AM

Beautiful little Grace lives up to her name. I have been photographing her for almost a year and am always delighted by her smile, personality, and, yes, grace. She is such a little lady that she was hesitant to plunge right into her cake (lovingly made by her grandmother), but as you can see by her look of awe, she found the whole event intimidating, yet fun.

We took the opportunity to also bring mom, Mary, into the fun. After a hair and makeup session, she picked a lovely gown to wear in her favorite color and posed with her little one.

I love seeing this family for their regular sessions and look forward to seeing little Grace grow up into a lovely girl. I hope you all have another fun year as Grace reaches her milestone first birthday!

Hair and makeup by Veronica Marshall

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