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4/05/2018 11:28:00 AM

It's not often I have a request for an "emergency" shoot, but if all of them are as much fun as this group, I would book "emergencies" more often!

Graeme and Jessica stopped by early one morning for family photos. They were all set with complementary outfits and big smiles and needed someone to capture it all in images. I am so happy I was the lucky one chosen to do this.

I do believe Graeme is in serious trouble in the future-Autumn, Estrella, Kali, and Kailaya are all beautiful and smart. He is definitely out numbered in this household, but he takes it all in stride and even seems to relish his role. Jessica barely looks like she is old enough to be the mother of these great girls, but she is a perfect example for them all, gorgeous, sweet, and definitely in charge of this gang. I love me some dimples and this crew has some of the best!

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. I had an excellent time and would do it again in a second.

Makeup and hair: Domenique Sandoval

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