Family Portraits ~ Woodland, California Familoy Portrait Photographe

4/02/2018 04:57:00 PM

Linde and Jeff are the proud parents of little Caleb, whose studious gaze looks at everything very seriously. You just know this toddler understands the world and will grow up to do great things some day. I have photographed many kids and trust me, this guy seems like he has the meaning of life all worked out already!

Linde is a Certified Prenatal/Postpartum and Health Coach with an emphasis in Pregnancy and Postpartum nutrition. This may explain how fabulous she looks, even after giving birth. She was up for a special shoot I wanted to do after their family photos and the results were great. I have always wanted to "glam up" a new mom and have them pose with their baby to emphasize how fantastic moms look. Linde was an excellent subject for this idea and embraced it wholeheartedly. Thanks, Linde!

Caleb was so good even though he was sleepy. There was so much going on, though, and he didn't want to miss anything, so he declined his usual nap. I have a feeling he caught up on the drive home, though!

Jeff was one of a great group of dads we had in this week. Very hands on and absolutely loving his new life with an infant. Jeff, you set an excellent standard for young dads everywhere. Best wishes to all of you! May you have the best year yet.

Hair and Makeup by Veronica Pinzon

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