Happily Ever After ~ Elmira, CA Wedding Photographer

3/13/2018 10:09:00 AM

Remember our two teenage lovebirds that finally met again later in life and decided to tie the knot at last? Yep, it happened! Brookie and Keith are finally married!

These two were actually high school sweethearts who broke up senior year and went their separate ways. When they found themselves single many years later, they realized it was finally their time. And the weather agreed, because even though wedding was happened during one of the worst stormy weekends in California's history, the rain stopped long enough to get some lovely outside shots of this amazing couple.

The bride was delightfully glowing, the groom was handsome and beaming, and family and friends were equally excited. 

I wish you two the best of everything. You waited a long time for this and I hope good things come your way.  You are a sweet and fun couple and I enjoyed helping you capture this precious moment.

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