Happily Ever After ~ Reno, Nevada Wedding Photographer

2/06/2018 10:17:00 AM

On a beautiful January day in Reno, NV, Lucy and David got married!
My brother and sister-in-law have known Lucy for a long time and consider her to be like a little sister, so I was pleased to have the honor of photographing their wedding.

Lucy and David met at a local dance group. (And watching them dance at the wedding I have to compliment the teacher!) Lucy used to go with her best friend to the pub where David worked to get his attention. Whatever she did worked and the result was a beautiful wedding with loving friends and family and much fun and celebrating.

The day went smoothly with just one small glitch. The hairstylist didn't show up and I stepped in to do the bride's hair. Yes, KLJ Studios is a complete service studio!

Best wishes to both of you. Here's to a happily ever after!

 This amazing wedding wouldn't have been possible without the amazing vendors!

Photographer: KLJ Studios
Ceremony Location:
Reception Location:
Hair: KLJ Studios

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