Newborn Portraits ~ Laguna Niguel, California Newborn Portrait Photographer

1/11/2018 08:21:00 PM

I was unable to capture little Selah's newborn photos when I was down in Orange County in December, so I made a special trip this month to make sure I was able to see her before she grew too big! Rachel, Cory, and big sister, River, all think this new addition to their family fits right in. And I have to agree!

As you can see by her smile, River loves her new role as big sister and likes to "help".  Rachel is as serene as ever and handles everything with grace. It still hasn't hit Cory the trials and tribulations of having two teenage girls at one time, but he has plenty of time to prepare!

I know you all will have a fantastic year this year and your girls will thrive. I look forward to seeing you when you come up to help out with the Winter Glow event in January!

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