Happily Ever After ~ Woodland, California Wedding Photographer

12/11/2017 07:51:00 AM

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Maya and James' engagement photos in a beautiful  vineyard on the UCD campus. So it was even more of a pleasure to photograph their wedding ceremony in the family backyard. Maya wore a beautiful silver gown with intricate beading. It may not have been the traditional wedding gown, but it was gorgeous and perfect for the occasion.

These two were just as loving and sparkling with each other as they were during their engagement shoot and I know they will make an excellent couple, now and in the future. (The photographer can always tell!) This was such a lovely event, the location was intimate, the family and friends were happy, and the couple was beaming. Perfection!

I wish these two a tremendous amount of happiness and joy in the future. You two are the best!

Makeup and hair: Veronica Marshall of the Veros Beauty Studio located in KLJ Studios

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