Family Portrait ~ San Dimas, California Family Portrait Photographer

12/11/2017 07:52:00 AM

I recently did a trip down to SoCal to visit some clients. And this family is one of my longest and most favorite clients of all.

I remember taking Hahn and Jermaine's maternity photos when they had Oliver, then Oliver's newborn photos. Now they have added little Elijah and increased the fun exponentially!

Hahn always knows the perfect thing to wear, Jermaine knows how to bribe the kids to get the perfect images, and the boys are delightfully adorable. These parents have their act together in a very fantastic way and makes me beyond jealous. I think their secret is that they act together and have agreement on what's what.

I look forward to watching the boys grow and thrive and maybe even one day opening that San Bernardino branch of KLJ Studios just for you!

Best wishes to all of you this holiday season!

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