Newborn Portraits ~ Woodland, California Newborn Portrait Photographer

11/28/2017 01:54:00 PM

Ryan and Mikel are the proud new parents of little 11 day old, Eamon. This is a great age to capture newborns, so I was happy to have him visit the studio for his first photo session.

Eamon was such an easy baby, he would let out one or two little fussy cries, then would settle back in as if he had told us what he wanted to and then was ready to settle down. It was a pleasure to capture images of him and his parents.

Their joy of having this little boy is obvious in these photos.  I know you guys will make great parents and I wish you all the best.

Ryan is an active member of the military and is eligible for our 10% discount for active military and first responders. If you would like to know more about this discount, just call (530-732-5332) for more information.

Makeup and hair by: the Veros Beauty Studio at KLJ Studios
 (Veronica Marshall and Veronica Pinzon)

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