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11/14/2017 04:33:00 PM

Jayden stopped by with her mom, Jocelyn, a few days ago to celebrate being 4 years old! She will turn five soon and it would be a shame not to capture how much fun and vivacious a four year old can be. And probably very exhausting for her mom.

I took some studios shots just in case the location shoot at the Running I Ranch in Dunnigan didn't work out due to weather or a rambunctious four year old. No need to worry! Jayden was the perfect model in both places and terrific images were easy to get. She loved posing with her special unicorn sweater and she loves to jump really high. I think if we could bottle this energy, it would be in high demand!

This girl is a real sweetie and will be a great big sister very soon!

Hair by Veronica Pinzon
Location: Running I Ranch, Dunnigan, CA

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