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10/06/2017 11:28:00 AM

I recently had another opportunity to photograph a branding session. More is required for a branding session than a portrait session, because I have to get a feel for the type of  business model, the personality of the subject, and the persona the subject wants to portray.

Rosemary is a certified childbirth educator, lactation educator and soon-to-be-certified reproductive/sexual health and fertility awareness educator. Her business tagline is “holistic education and support for the reproductive continuum.” She has a title page up: www.wombsage.com. She will soon begin teaching classes on using the Fertility Awareness Method for natural birth control, for help with conception, and for general reproductive health, as well as childbirth preparation classes.  If you are interested, there’s a place to sign up for her email list on the title page. As you can see, she is a very busy person and needed to project competence, professionalism, and a natural aura in her images.

Rosemary has a natural beauty with a calming demeanor, so it was easy to portray the same in her images. I think her photos showcase an intelligent, caring woman who loves to help others. I hope others see the same!

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