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8/16/2017 06:39:00 PM

Angela and Anthony are having a baby!

Angela, a Delta Gamma sorority sister of mine, has always been a sassy, gorgeous lady with beautiful dimples. And being pregnant has only made her more beautiful. It is obvious that Anthony absolutely adores her and their new little man that is coming in early September.

They are having an extremely difficult time picking a name for their little one. As you can see, they have voted down many, many choices. You guys still have a few weeks to decide so my fingers are crossed that you can narrow it down in time!

Angela has decided on a blue anchor theme for the baby (I wonder why?!? LOL). I think this little baby is already feeling the love from this phenomenal couple and is eagerly awaiting meeting them.

Best wishes to this lovely family. You guys are the best and will be great parents. Bring the little one back to see us after he's born, I can't wait to see him!

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