Happily Ever After Val & Vince ~ Laguna Beach, California Wedding Photographer Laguna Beach, California

7/13/2017 04:39:00 PM

Congratulations, Val and Vince! Finally!

They first met when they both joined the Anime Club on their college campus. They took 10 years to decide to date and another 5 years to decide to get engaged and married. Whoa, guys, slow down!

They made many friends during the course of their friendship, relationship, and engagement and these friends joined Val and Vince, along with their families, when they exchanged vows this month in southern California.

I have known Val since 2007, and Vince since 2010 when Val had invited him to a pool party I also attended.  I watched the two of them at that time and just knew they would be tying the knot at some point. That night I extracted a promise from Val. I told her that she was going to marry this amazing man and that, when she married him, they had to use me as their wedding photographer.  I was right about the two of them getting married, so I made sure to hold Val to her promise to allow me the honor of being their wedding photographer.

The day was packed full of many surprises and fun from the Lion Dancers entrance to their beautifully choreographed first dance. Val's dad was the king of the dance floor and helped guests overcome their shyness to get up and dance. It was great fun and everyone had a fabulous time celebrating this lovely couple.

This couple is the best. Best wishes to the two of you now and in the future. You have what it takes and I know you will be very happy.

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