Engagement Portrait ~ Woodland, California Engagement Photographer

4/29/2017 11:28:00 PM

Jessica, Brian, Lola, and Toda all came to KLJP for engagement photos. It is obvious Lola and Toda are much adored family members. (I especially love the bow tie the pup wears with such panache!)

Jessica and Brian hail from Salt Lake City and will be having their wedding there. They recently moved to Woodland when Brian obtained a job teaching at UC Davis. Jessica is looking to open her own private Speech Therapy practice in the area.

They all spent a fun day at Earth Day in Davis before coming to the session. Apparently, Lola and Toda loved the attention during the Earth Day festivities and also during the session. They are definitely photogenic and happy pups. 

Best wishes to this great couple on their wedding day and in the future!

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