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2/19/2017 06:17:00 PM

JJ and Aimee came to the studio so I could photograph their new arrival, Aurelia Ava, born on February 2nd. I always love it when families can bring in something that is special to their heritage or family. This little perfect one has Native American roots, so Grandma got creative and crafted this stunning dream catcher. Aurelia is a sweet little love and was blissfully happy to be held by Mommy and Daddy.  This family just glows with love and happiness.

Best wishes to these three in the future and always.

This shoot is from one of their Storybook Collection sessions.

The Storybook Collection gives you six amazing sessions throughout one year. This collection is great for Newborns like Aurelia because you can capture their first year of life every few months. Some of our clients have also purchased a Storybook Collection so the different small families within one large family can each have their own session. The year culminates in a beautiful photo album that everyone can enjoy and treasure in the upcoming years.

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