Newborn Portraits ~ Irvine, California Portrait Photographer

1/09/2017 02:41:00 PM

I love to see my Southern California clients whenever I can, however there are times when I'm unable to make it personally. Fortunately, I have an army of amazing photographers that can fill in and help photograph your special moments.

 Jermaine, Hanh and Oliver have been with me almost 3 years now. I was excited to hear about 6 months ago that they were expecting a new addition. I was even more excited to hear of Elijah's arrival 3 weeks ago. With all the holiday bustle and chaos, I was unable to photograph him personally, but had my #1 favorite photographer in So Cal, Christina Kennedy, hopped on board and did an amazing job capturing Elijah's first session!

 Thank you for allowing KLJ Photography to be a part of your lives and thank you, Christina, for jumping in at the last minute and saving the day!

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