Family Portraits ~ Woodland, California Family Portraits

1/10/2017 02:35:00 PM

Saturday was a sad, happy and emotional day. It marked a huge change in life for Rudy, Vanessa and their four kids. Today, they will pack up their lives and move to Georgia. Rudy and Vanessa were both raised in Woodland, California, so this will be a huge new adventure for them.

I'm excited for this new venture for these guys. I have known both Vanessa and Rudy since we were in elementary school. We've had sleep overs, TP parties, the Six Shadows, and so many other fond memories. Seeing these guys coming together and making a life for themselves has been a joy. I'm glad that I was able to photograph you and your entire family before you left. Patrick, Abby and I will be sure to stop by when we are out in South Carolina visiting family.

This is a very sweet and loving family and I wish them the best always.

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