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9/20/2016 08:10:00 PM

Back to the UC Davis Arboretum last Sunday to photograph Kim, Greg, and their two adorable, yet incredibly active, little men, Robbie and Alex. It was such a joy to watch how much this family enjoy each other. The two little guys are best buddies and their energy and fun spirits made for some amazing portraits. I was able to practice my reverse psychology technique (to encourage certain poses) which should come in handy in the upcoming years in my own house!  This session was so much fun and I can't wait to photograph you guys in the future. Thank you for being our first Holiday Session of the year.

Kim and Greg were one of the lucky winners of the "Spinning Wheel of Photography" game at the Kelly Lynn Jordan Photography booth at last month's Food Truck Mania in Woodland. They were able to get a great deal on their family portraits. Maybe I'll see you there next time!

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