Dance Portraits ~ Woodland, California Dance Portrait Photographer

8/16/2016 01:03:00 PM

I was pleased to once again be the photographer for the Woodland Opera House Dance Studio’s in Woodland, CA 2016 spring recital. Not only is this always tons of fun, but I also get to see the performances at dress rehearsal and the dancers in the studio for individual portraits. What great creativity in the dances and costumes! And the dancers had worked so hard and their dedication paid off during the performance. They were fabulous.

The biggest surprise I received, however, was to learn that three of the male dancers performed en pointe! They asked if they could and the director said yes. These guys worked extremely hard to make sure their muscles were toned and strong to hold them up, then they practiced like crazy. The results were awesome.

If you research men en pointe, it is quite a rarity. Sometimes professional male dancers will perform with toe shoes for certain ballets where they pretend to be women, like A Midsummer’s Night Dream, for example. So to find it happening here in Woodland was pretty darn cool.
I had the luxury of having two of the three, Jimin and Bailey, in the studio, so we played a little with some shots. I think they turned out great!

Kudos to these three young men for trying something different and then having the courage to practice and train so hard.

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