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3/12/2016 08:43:00 PM

My favorite type of engagement portraits are those where the couple looks relaxed and natural and are being themselves. Wearing an outfit you’re comfortable in will accentuate your style and personality, and make you feel more at home. Whether its jeans and t-shirt or matching pajama sets, your happiness will show through and influence the overall mood in the photos.

An engagement session is an opportunity to enhance your natural beauty. If you are planning on having a makeup artist for your wedding day, this is a great time to coordinate a trial run with your makeup artist. Make sure you makeup is as close to what you wear on a daily basis. I always suggest take what you wear and make it two shades darker. This will ensure your best features stand out! I know several excellent makeup artists I can recommend if you need some ideas.

Complementing each others' look is important! Coordinating your outfits completely can be a little much. If you dress alike on a daily basis,  I don’t suggest wearing matching outfits for your engagement session. However wearing complimentary colors and pieces that have similar shades will do the trick. For example, take a look at the couple below; Jenna's nice primary colors with the blues and reds matched Michael’s graphic blue grey tee and cap perfectly.

We all know that black is slimming, but I generally advise couples not to wear it in their engagement photos since it is a magnet for every speck of dust and hair and can easily be spotted on camera.  Wearing white should be saved for your wedding day.  Bright colored hues will help you pop out from the background. So be sure to consider your location when selecting your wardrobe. Look how much Evelyn and Ahmad pop with this vibrant blue against the muted colors of the old buildings in Old Town Sacramento. 

I can't say this enough.... comfort comfort comfort is the key to giving you the most natural images. Before heading out of the house, jump up and down in your jeans, take a run around the block to this make sure that your jeans fit. if they don't feel comfortable, you won't look comfortable. Something that you can move freely in will give you an A++ look. Thinking about wearing heels? Does that work with your location? Are they something you wear all the time? Be sure to ask yourself those questions when it comes to your shoe selection. If your session is scheduled at the beach, heels may not be the best choice!

Another way of keeping yourself comfortable is to not have to worry about dragging a purse around, or having to remove your keys and phones from your pockets. Leave as many of these loose items behind or in your car and you'll feel a lot less restricted. 

When heading out the door be sure that you both look like your going to the same place. Are you planning on wearing a floor length gown? Make sure that your fiance is dressed appropriately and not in a graphic tee and plaid shorts. Always dress to fit into your location. Take a look at this image of Chelsea and Casey at their session at the Yolo County Fair. The plaid shirts and jeans fit in perfectly with the theme. Fancy dress clothes would not have fit in with the fair theme at all!

Always check the weather the morning of your session. Wearing shorts and flip flops may not be the best idea when its 35 degrees outside and wearing multiple layers and Uggs in the summer might not be the most comfortable option. 

So many couples try and avoid prints because they don't want to overdo their image. I welcome prints!! A nicely balanced print can look great. Both parties wearing prints can be a little much but if they can work together like you saw in the image above with Chelsea and Casey. Color blocking is another way to mix things up and then by adding textures or prints to that it will add interest to the outfits and the image.

Clothing seems to photograph better when there are layers. So consider adding a cardigan, blazer or some sort of jacket to finish the look. And remember we can do an outfit change during your session.  Changing from that cardigan to a blazer will change the feeling of the image and give you more variety. You can also layer with accessories like vests, belts or scarves. 

Of course these tips can help produce a great image, but the thing that really makes the image is you and your fiance. Showing your love and happiness for each other makes the best photos. Feel free to comment below and suggest anything else you feel could help out a soon-to-bride for their session. 

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