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3/07/2016 03:47:00 PM

Many years ago I had the pleasure of attending a wedding for a friend at Gibson House in Woodland, CA. It was lovely. The couple were so sweet and happy and the venue was perfection. I remember it was one of our many extremely hot August afternoons, yet no one felt the heat because of the beautiful old trees on the grounds and the shade they provided. The good news is that Gibson House is still providing brides the opportunity to have the perfect wedding. And, after touring the venue last week, I can assure you that your wedding would be as memorable as the one I attended those many years ago. 

Obviously, because the event will be outside, you would most likely be looking at this venue during our best weather months. But in California, that still leaves many months to choose from! 
Gibson House sits on two and a half acres at 512 Gibson Road in south Woodland. William Gibson came to California by mule train in 1850 at age 19 from Missouri. He eventually married and raised a family. The family played a major role in the agricultural and community development of Yolo County. The several thousand-acre ranch specialized in breeding cattle and large scale farming of wheat and grain. The House started as just one room and was added on to throughout the years to become an 11 room house with several outbuildings and barns. The county purchased the property in the 1970’s and the House is now on the National Register of Historic Places. Today, Gibson House is operated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 

For events, Gibson House is reasonably priced. There is a $1,550 full day wedding package which includes use of the grounds, bathrooms, prep kitchen, dressing rooms, 3 hours inside access to the mansion, and access to the barns. A full day event without the barn and house access is $1200. An intriguing half day package of 7 hours at $850 for brides on a budget is something you don’t run across often. 

Free with the grounds rental are 10 picnic tables which can be moved where needed and then returned after the event. The House also has chairs and banquet tables available for rental.
As a photographer, I noticed there are many opportunities to enhance lasting images. The bride can come out of the mansion as her grand entrance. There are old trees to serve as backdrops. And, with the wedding package, shots can be taken inside using the period setting. 

The restrooms can serve a large crowd and the kitchen is geared to help a caterer get set up for service. (Caterers must be taken from an approved list.) There is a bar setup that is available; use of alcohol needs the services of a security guard for the event.) The only drawback may be that the dressing room is small. It can currently be separated into two very small rooms for both bride and groom, but even put together may be a problem for a wedding with many attendants. This problem can be solved if the bride opts to use one of the downstairs rooms in the mansion for getting ready. Just ask them about this option. 

I think the other way to solve the problem is to use what this site begs for-a horse drawn carriage coming around the circular drive to deliver the bride to the groom! It is easy enough to check out this venue, whether just for historic interest or to see if you want to book it for your wedding. Tours are offered many Saturdays during the day for $5 per person.

I encourage you to check out Gibson house!

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