High School Graduate Session ~ Woodland, California Photographer

2/17/2016 05:41:00 AM

Where do you shoot senior photos for an outstanding young woman who loves the outdoors?  Why, the UC Davis arboretum, of course!

Kelsey, a member of the graduating class of 2016, is eagerly anticipating graduation and college.  Her interests include agriculture and she is a proud member of the FFA.  As an academic scholar she is awaiting acceptance from her #1 university, but her back up college is also quite good and wouldn't be a hardship either! This young lady knows who is is and what she want,s so we know her future will be bright and successful.  What a delight to be able work with this beautiful, intelligent young woman.

She is intrigued by the science involved in agriculture and will be concentrating on that aspect in college, and hopefully, in her future career.  We know there will be plenty of opportunities out there when she graduates so we wish her all the best in the future.

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