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1/29/2016 09:26:00 AM

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All photographers understand the agony of trying to budget when wanting to have the wedding that you have been dreaming about most of your life.  The decision of where to cut and where you MUST have what you want can cause endless sleepless nights and, possibly, much fighting with spouse-to-be and family.  The wedding photography is one of the areas where people think some costs can be lowered to make room for the beef entrée rather than the chicken.

We get that. (Though we question whether ten years from now people will remember what they ate at your wedding as opposed to being able to ooh and aah over excellent photos!)  If you decide that photography is one of the places you can cut expenses let us help you still get some decent images with some suggestions.

  •  Let’s say Mom says that your cousin just bought a new, really expensive camera and wants to get into photography as a business and will shoot your wedding for free. You would love to support your favorite cousin.  But you are also torn because you realize that you are taking a chance on an unknown vendor.

If your cousin, or Uncle Bob, or friend Sally, really want to do this as a business, this is a good time for them to start acting like a professional.  You should be able to interview them as you would any experienced photographer and be able to obtain the answers to the questions you ask.

Ask about their experience.  What do they bring to the table other than a “no cost” guarantee?  Do you simply want posed photos?  Do they have experience at posing people and ensuring the background is free of noise?  They should be able to show you some kind of portfolio.  Compare that to images you find online from experienced wedding photographers and see if you think this is something they can do.

Do you want spontaneous photos of people having fun at the reception or of your attendants helping you get ready?  If so, do they have any photojournalism experience?  Professionals train for a long time to be able to pose people naturally or be able to “shoot on the fly”.  Do they have any samples of images they can show you that showcase their abilities?

How do they do in low lighting situations, if applicable to your venue? Is their equipment good enough to provide high resolution images?  And, if so, do they truly know how to use the camera equipment well enough to take enough of all the features?  

And, do they have any experience with editing software so you know your images will be the best they can be.

Is it fair to ask an amateur these questions?  Of course it is!  You want to be able to enjoy your photos for years to come and not shudder when you think about them hiding in that drawer where you threw them!

  • What about cutting costs by hiring that $600 photographer instead of the $2,000 photographer?

Well, start by going about the process of interviewing as we detailed above for Uncle Bob.  You know the old saying, “sometimes you get what you pay for”?  Make sure what you get is superb service and photos, regardless of cost.  Ask about the photographer’s experience, style (posed formals and/or photojournalism), editing abilities, turn-around time. Anyone in the business should be able to answer these questions. They should also be able to provide you with examples of their work.

$600 does not begin to cover the photographer’s time and expenses so they would essentially be undercutting any profit they would make to gain experience.  The typical wedding photographer would spend up to 8 hours working at your wedding and numerous hours afterward editing.  Weddings can produce over 1,000 images and it takes much time to go through them and perform editing functions.

Will you be given a professionally signed release form so you can print your own images in the future?  Do they have access to an online photography viewing site?  A way for your guests to view and purchase photos, if they wish? What format will you receive your photos? Do they understand how to work with a shot list and can inform you what shots are usually taken as well as accommodate any special ones you may have?

Just remember, photos are forever and you only get the chance to take them that one day.  No do-overs are available!

Would you have your friend, Shannon, bake your wedding cake without knowing about her skills as a baker? Probably not.

You want to make sure you and Uncle Bob will still be on speaking after the event, so letting your expectations be known will help both of you understand whether this is the right gig for him, or not.

Kelly Lynn Jordan has over 10 years of experience as a professional photographer.  She has photographed over 50 weddings and understands the importance getting the perfect photos during the ceremony and reception. She also understands the importance of providing no stress service.  The Bride has enough going on that day, the last thing she needs is stress from a professional vendor!

Wedding photographer Woodland California, Wedding photographer Davis California, Wedding photographer Vacaville California, Wedding photographer Sacramento California

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