Holiday Mini-Session ~ Old Sacramento, California Photographer

12/22/2015 10:00:00 AM

If you see a couple with that crazy-in-love look about them and they are dancing up a storm, we bet it is Evelyn and Ahmad. These two have that head over heels, crazy kind of love thing, going on. On December 18th, we were pleased to meet up with Evelyn and her fun loving beau, Ahmad, in Sacramento. These guys love to dance and just be together and have fun.  They actually met while dancing and haven't stopped since. Evelyn says when it comes to dancing, Ahmad loves to command the dance floor and we have to agree. Ahmad swears that he is not a photogenic dude, but on that we would have to disagree. Once we got Ahmad saying "pretty girls" instead of "cheese" his best smiles came out for the camera.  These two are the cutest!

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