Holiday Mini-Session ~ Old Sacramento, California Photographer

12/07/2015 02:06:00 PM

Welcome to another fantastic adventure of Kelly Lynn Jordan Photography Holiday Mini-Sessions! It was high afternoon at Old Sacramento, and the streets were bustling with passersby and all sorts of trading was going on at the local trading posts and icecream saloons. Yes siree, Old Sacramento seemed like the bees knees, a real fine place to do some shopping, and maybe see what kind-a places the wind might take a person by hopping a ride to who-knows-where at the Old Sacramento train station.
Everything was goin' just as smoothe as a sarsaparilla down a Siamese kittens back, but then, we got called out...
The possy's name was the Challender gang. This group of outlaws consisted of four of the rootinist tootinist bunch of good-lookin', picture takin', boot-shakin', commentatin', twitterpattin' roughnecked family members this side of the Mississippi, and they were dressed...dressed to kill...
They had a grudge that needed settlin', and that's what we did there in that big ol' court yard by the red door. They call it the "red" door...cause' it's painted...painted red...the color of the gangs eyes before photoshoppin'.
We shot first! Click after click rang out in loud succession in the silent air. When the dust settled, all that remained was a smilin' Challender gang.
With all those shots fired, nothing happened except takin' perty pictures.
We told 'em our grudge, they laughed, payed us for our troubles, and off they went into the sunset, never to be seen again...or were they?

THE END...or is it?

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