Holiday Mini-Session ~ Arbuckle, California Photographer

1/09/2016 12:32:00 PM

On November 30th we at Kelly Lynn Jordan Photography (KLJP) made our way north and met up with the Watson family in Arbuckle, CA.
This was definitely a treat for everyone involved as Kelly and James were really good school buddies all the way from grade school up through high school. Kelly remembers James having always been, not only an amazing loyal friend, but, a hard-working man who always kept his word. 
James, we are all very joyful that you found such a partner as Andrea. Anyone can tell she truly loves you, and she is very beautiful inside and out. You both have a beatiful family, and from all that we could see, you all make an amazing team.

The KLJP Holiday Mini-Session that took place was pretty special. We were very impressed by the backdrop. You see, James and Andrea are a couple of top notch agricultural producers and their gigantic well cared for farm made a great location for the Watson family photos. One of the best highlights of the session was being able to pose the family with their brand new baby...tractor! Born at a whopping 3.3 tons, this brand new beautiful green John Deere tractor is James' pride and joy. Brightly decorated for the upcoming holidays, the tractor really did a great job celebrating the season and showcasing, not only James' great big smile, but the Watson family's agricultural heritage.

We at KLJP look forward seeing the Watson's again soon. It was a real pleasure to see James again and to meet Andrea, the kids, the dogs, and the chickens. Never a dull moment at the Watson abode!

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