Holiday Mini-Session ~ Aptos, California Photographer

12/21/2015 01:26:00 PM

On Saturday, December 13th, the Forces aligned as we made our way to the Aptos galaxy to rendezvous with Jason, Maya and the (quite adorable, lovable) pup Kasher.  As we battled storm troopers, (actually it was just a storm) we pondered our mission. What strange, endearing creatures would we encounter? Would the planet's natives be friendly or surly and bloodthirsty? 
Our questions were soon answered as we arrived.  We were greeted by their ruler, Kasher.  Apparently, Kasher is a species known as a canine and he rules with a benevolent, yet friendly, paw. His majesty was a pleasure to work with, he paid attention and even smiled when requested to do so. Kasher and his humans were incredible fun and a pleasure to meet.  They even agreed to sport their native garb for a few photos, authentic Star Wars T-shirts.  Kasher did seem worried that the session would run long and he would miss opening weekend of his favorite movie.  But the session went well and everyone had time left over to practice their light saber skills, just in case.  May the Force be with them throughout the holidays!

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