Holiday Mini-Session ~ San Juan Capistrano, California Photographer

11/24/2015 05:26:00 PM

 The Hamilton Oak Winery in San Juan Capistrano, California has been Kelly Lynn Jordan Photography's (KLJP) favorite spot for the past six years; it is quite possibly, the perfect location. And unfortunately, the location has been blown away... The meteorologists called it, the perfect storm. If we at KLJP had only known... The combination of perfect family, perfect lighting, and perfect location created a meteorological phenomenon known as: the Brophosanprophotocyclonography, a storm which occurs only once every two-million years in which loud clicks, light flashes, and the wind of creativity strike all at once in a devastatingly amazing display of overwhelming force unlike any that the human race has ever experienced! Some said it was just a myth, but it's not! Oh the humanity...displayed in the Brophy photos! We had taken this family's pictures over the years, a wedding, a pregnancy, and newborn photos, all of these were perfect. Yet we had been warned by top scientists that a perfect baby with developed motor skills and the ability to make kissy-faces at just the right time might just be the trigger to push it all over the metaphorical ledge of amazing, and it did. 
We will miss you Hamilton Oaks Winery, you were loved by all.

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