Holiday Mini-Session ~ Sacramento, CA

11/04/2015 05:57:00 PM

On November , We at Kelly Lynn Jordan Photography had a very special session with Brittany and Abe, who we have known since college! It's amazing to think its been 10 years. Because of our Sacramento roots we found it appropriate to meet around our old stomping grounds, the classy destination known as Old Sacramento. also the fact the Old Sacramento is also exactly halfway between us had something to do with it too! A lot can happen in two years. For example having two children, Jett and Rhya, with another little boy on the way! Jett and Rhya were full of energy during the session, which made for some fantastic family portraits which were beautiful and very full odf character. I would give credit to either the fact that Jett and Rhya can't wait to see their new baby brother, or to the fact Jett and Rhya were offered McDonald's if they were good during the portrait session. This may also account for Abe's excellent behavior as well. It was wonderful to see you both and look forward to working with you all in the near future! Maybe a newborn session (HINT HINT). Enjoy your beautiful Kelly Lynn Jordan Photography Holiday Mini-Session preview. (By the way, Patrick was extremely impressed by your flawless wardrobe execution)! 

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